The Heritage Craft Virtual Simulator, HCVS for short, is a project that intends to revive Heritage crafts and make them accessible to young people. Working in conjunction with Chain Bridge Forge in Spalding and funded by the National Lottery Heritage fund,  the project intends to use a combination of modern technologies to create a system that will allow users to gain “first hand” experience in the process of Blacksmith.

Dr John Murray


The leader of the project, Dr Murray is a principle lecturer at the University of Lincoln for the School of Computer Science.

William Sawyer BSc(Hons)


A recent graduate from the University of Lincoln, William is currently undertaking a Masters by Research at the University of Lincoln in Computer Science. William’s research is directly related to this project and he will be largely responsible for maintaining this site.

Emanuel Gjoka 

An undergraduate from the University of Lincoln, Emanuel is currently study for his MComp in Computer Science. Emanuel joined the project with the hopes of gaining valuable experience with 3D printers, an industry he hopes to join upon graduating.

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