Deformable Mesh

One of the most important aspects of this project, and what I have spent a majority of the past month creating, is a deformable mesh. In layman’s terms a deformable mesh is an object, in this case a cuboid, that can be altered by a user at runtime. For this project this will be what a user would interact with and manipulate in order to create their memento.

A deformable mesh works by applying tessellation to an object, this tessellation add more “points” to the object that can then be altered when they are interacted with. This allows for deformation about the “selected” points.

The included video shows the interaction of a deformable mesh in unity, as you can see when the balls hit the plane, the plane is deformed. This is similar to the interaction we want to occur within our system. As such we have opted to obtain the plugin developed by the individuals who created the video. Although it would have been beneficial to develop my own deformable physics object it isn’t practical with the current time restrictions. If there is time at a later stage it may be possible to develop an improved deformable mesh.

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