Hello Unity goodbye Unreal

The previous version of the system that I had developed was far too large creating a grandiose scale that wasn’t an accurate representation of the real life forge. Furthermore the system was developed only with the idea of being used with a Oculus rift. This however is not the only external peripheral that the system needs to be used with.

As such it has been necessary for me to “redevelop” my system inside a new game engine. The game engine I used in the previous iteration of the system was the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4 henceforth), at time of writing UE4 is a relatively new commercial product that has very little user generated content, be this online tutorials or custom assets. The only advantage it had over other available products is the included Oculus rift integration. Fortunately the game engine Unity now includes Oculus Rift integration as part of its “free” version, something that was only available in the paid version until now. This means that the system can now be developed in Unity allowing me to utilise the features that unity includes over UE4 (tutorials and custom assets).

Over the coming weeks I hope to produce a version of the forge in Unity using the model I created in 3Ds max

Note: UE4 does include custom asset support but the number available is limited in comparison to those available for Unity.

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